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The Benefits of Choosing a Local Agent

Why choose a local insurance agent?

Finding auto insurance is easy.  There is an advertisement on almost every website you visit.  Turn on the t.v., you get a funny commercial telling you about how fast you can save money on car insurance.  Go to the bank, and you get insurance coverage offered along with your loan.  

Does it matter where you get insurance? Is the price of insurance for your vehicles the only thing that matters? I have a couple of answers for you.

First, I will talk about coverage.  Do you know what coverage you have or what coverage you need? Do you know what is required by law?  What happens when you rent a car?  Do you drive for work?  What about your children in college?  Surely they don’t need to be on your policy?  Or do they? Is it possible that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t apply insurance? Are you quite sure about what you need?  I can pay my own bills, but I hire an accountant to do my taxes because I don’t want to have a sit down with the IRS.  I have a mechanic fix my car because I would probably break something more in my attempt to fix it. 

Second is the advocate your agent can be at the time of a claim.  Why do we even buy insurance?  So if we have a claim, we will be covered.  It doesn’t matter if your policy only cost twenty dollars.  If it doesn’t pay when it is supposed to, then it wasn’t a bargain.  As a matter of fact, it was a waste of your twenty dollars.  If you don’t have an independent agent watching out for you, who is going to help you?  The person at the end of an 800 number or chat who works directly for the insurance company?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Recently, we were able to get a company to pay a claim they had originally deemed to be not covered.  We were able to talk to the company about the client’s longevity with the company and other relevant facts and the company agreed to make a claim.  In another instance, a company was not going to pay to have a truck repainted.  The company stated the client should have known the damage was done and had it cleaned immediately.  I explained to the company that water in Rural Alaska is very limited and there are no car washes and most of the roads are unpaved.  Therefore, not washing the vehicle on a regular basis is not unusual.  The company agreed to pay the claim.  Why were we able to do that?  Because we know you and we know about your community.  Am I saying we can get every claim paid, regardless of the coverage you have on the policy?  No.  I am saying having an agent in your corner helps. 

Please contact us if you have any questions.  We love to talk about insurance!